Pocket Tripods – The Basic One Needed For Travelers

Tripods are an accessory that every serious photographer should have. This is because a tripod is of value. We do not realize the significance of insertion of the camera; this is because the majorities of us shoot in bright daylight or use a flash. But there will be conditions where we will shoot under light conditions such as inside or at dusk. It may be required to shoot without a flash. It is that a tripod is essential.

But does not possessing a tripod affect our photographs

In low light conditions, the camera based on whether you want the manual mode or auto mode will have to select a very long shutter speed somewhere in the assortment of 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8 sec. These values might appear to be enough for you but this is a long shutter speed if you consider the normal photograph taken in daylight has a shutter speed of 1/250 or longer. If we operate at shutter speeds that are long the shutter is open. So instability or any shake of the camera will lead to what is known as a camera blur or shake. This contributes to images that are fuzzy. As soon as the shutter speed increases to more or 1/15, then even the picture cans blur. The camera can be shaken by the simple act of pressing the camera and contribute to blur.

It is therefore necessary to use a tripod. Tripods are of different kinds. There are those solid tripods which could be used for any undertaking but these are bulky and are used for photo shoots. For traveling purposes we use a weight pocket tripod or a monopod. Monopods will be described by us. Let us discuss pocket tripods. Pocket tripods are Light and small weight and can be carried in your backpack or camera bag. There are many makers of tripods who create many different tripods but whatever you purchase have a Look at the following parameters before you purchase:

  1. The head of the tripod: This is the most important part of this tripod. It is the part where your camera is hardy and attaches make sure that it fits well. Never compromise on this aspect.
  2. The dimensions: If you are reading this article you are Interested in a pocket tripod. Look at the size of the tripod and see whether it fits in your bag. There is not much use if it does not and you should start looking.
  3. And finally have a look at the build of the tripod. You will run into many gorillapod tripod in the marketplace that is cheap but they lack the build quality. You would not find the same build quality as that of a tripod but it cannot be bad.