Parcel Delivery Locker Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide

What Is It?

With the popularity of commercial mailboxes and cluster box units (CBU), parcel lockers too have become quite popular and can be easily spotted at local stations.

Thus it raises a very crucial question, what is a parcel locker?

parcel delivery locker singapore is nothing but a secured, lockable storage unit where a mail carrier leaves mails or packages for residents to collect later.

Though some parcel lockers come pre-installed with cluster mailboxes, others must be installed separately for easy access.

Regardless of its size and layout, the primary idea of a parcel locker is to facilitate the USPS mail carriers to distribute the packages without home delivery.

Mostly the parcel lockers meant for residential use are approved by USPS and fall under the umbrella of cluster mailboxes. However, a few other types of parcel lockers available may or may not be approved by USPS.

The Pros


Even though residents of apartment complexes and housing facilities may benefit from regular patrolling, mail theft is becoming a consistent problem even in the safest places.

Fortunately, parcel lockers virtually eliminate the possibility of mail theft. After delivery, the locker compartment automatically locks. To unlock it, only the recipient has a special identifier or access card. Even the neighbors will not be able to pick up the package by accident.


Usually, a parcel delivery locker singapore is in busy locations, well-lit regions, which provides recipients with a high level of security. In addition, many parcel locker regions have video surveillance. This footage can be checked by property managers, customer service representatives, and even safety personnel to ensure the recipients’ safety.