Birthdays have been an important day in everybody’s lives because that is the day when people are born and so it is considered as something special that should be celebrated. The monotonous routine of just murdering the cake is a bygone of the past. The parties have become more fun these days based on whose birthday it is. As exciting as the day is for girls who are beyond the overwhelming emotion of celebrating them, the thing that matters is the birthday party theme for girls which needs to be properly planned.

There can be a lot of cliché aesthetics that one could go with like pink balloons, strawberry cake and trifle confetti but that can’t be every other case. Some need to be exquisite for someone who’s looking up a lot with the preps and eyes filled with highest expectations. Girls are more drawn towards princess, fairies, mermaids and warrior legends.

The best part which can be included in the themed parties is the dress-up for the girls. Gowns filled with glitter and frills or frocks with a fairy touch can give them an elegant look for the day. Along with that rather than just dance, cupcake or donut decoration competition might be the best way to engage them and make it more fun.

Parents should encourage that rather than gifts, more meaningful gestures like planting should be done. In order to avoid the regular cake, a pinata one should be ordered with the princess effect to make it more special.