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    Feng Shui in Singapore: What Is The Craze About?

    Feng Shui is a practice that helps individuals harmonize their environment by using energy forces or qi. This practice originated in China about 6000 years ago by people who studied man and the world and their relationship. In present times, people use feng shui to determine the potential present in their life. Feng Shui has also gained traction in Singapore.

    How does Feng Shui work?

    Feng Shui is based on a system of numerological codes devised by ancient Chinese thinkers and has two main systems – San He (three harmonies) and San Yuan (three cycles). Different locations offer a different relationship to a person and their immediate environment.

    Feng Shui records the surroundings and the location, along with the direction, time, and the person’s birth details. This is then calculated, followed by an analysis made by a master. Since the qi interacts differently, each individual gets a personalized reading.

    Benefits of Feng Shui

    Being wealthy does not refer to just material riches. It includes money, good health, happiness, and good quality of life. By practicing Feng Shui, you will be able to experience a lot of benefits:

    • Work performance enhancement: By practicing feng shui, your concentration levels will increase, positively impacting your work performance.
    • Health improvement: Feng Shui helps the sick and elderly lead healthier lives.
    • Improvement of quality of life: Through Feng Shui, you will maintain peace and harmony in your house. This will help you make better decisions too.
    • Stronger relations:You can improve your existing relationships and develop new ones by using Feng Shui.
    • Increase in motivation: Feng Shui also increases your energy and motivation levels, leading to better performance at work.

    Feng Shui is a practice everyone must try and use to lead a happier life. By using Singapore Feng Shuicitizens have also started experiencing a better quality of life.